Catalogue 2019 - 2020

LAWE 907 Faculty Supervised Externship



Course Description

Selected students engage in a variety of legal work under the supervision of a judge or attorney in an approved externship placement. Students must secure a full-time faculty member to be an advisor prior to enrolling for the externship. Students may not receive compensation for work done in an Externship. Students may take no more than three externships during law school. Students must meet regularly with their faculty supervisor. Prerequisites: Student must have completed one externship placement and concurrent externship seminar. An externship is open to students who have successfully completed 28 hours of law studies. This externship is a Restricted Withdrawal Course. See Academic Standard Section 204 and the Clinic and Externship materials for the applicable time restrictions and policies. A student may not simultaneously enroll in more than one clinic, more than one externship, or a clinic and an externship. (This course satisfies 3 experiential learning credits.)