Catalogue 2019 - 2020

LAW 990 Gender in Us Israeli & Jewish Law




School of Law graduate standing. (Required, Previous).

Course Description

The course will focus on three contemporary examples of challenges to gender segregation_at worship spaces, on public buses, and in restrooms. Students will examine, compare, and explore the basic principles of gender, discrimination, equality, and justice across three different legal regimes. They will focus on the structure of these legal systems that support and sometimes conflict with principles of equality, nondiscrimination, and pluralism. Over the past two decades, Israel's civil courts have faced the question of how enforced sex-segregation at worship spaces can be reconciled with commitments to equality in civil law, as well as to Israel's structure as a pluralistic Jewish state. U.S. state courts have wrestled with the question of how the authorization of sex-segregation in the context of restrooms can be squared with equality commitments to transgender youth and adults. Students will examine the underlying legal doctrines and broad policies that are at the heart of these issues and legal cases. Focus will be on constitutional, statutory, and regulatory laws, as well as on the body of law and writings that support the principles of equality, nondiscrimination, and respect for pluralism behind the doctrine. The course will also include: field trips to local legal institutions, including the Israeli Supreme Court and the Knesset, Israel's lawmaking body interviews with or guest lectures by local judges and legislators