Catalogue 2019 - 2020

LAW 960 Labor & Employment



Course Description

This course is an introduction to the seminal federal and state laws establishing the rights of employees and the legal responsibilities of employers. The course begins with the socio-legal context for the development of workplace rights during the industrial revolution and quickly moves to an in-depth discussion of the National Labor Relations Act and exemplary state laws governing the right to form labor unions and engage in collective bargaining in the private and public sectors. Next, the course introduces wage and hour law protections of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the fundamental principles of employment discrimination in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and key common law principles and state laws governing workers' compensation and unemployment. Special attention is paid to marginalized workers and new forms of employment in the 21st century workplace, i.e., the gig economy, immigrant workers' rights, efforts to protect workers from factory closings and job loss; free speech rights and privacy in the workplace, and; the challenge of workplace law keeping pace with major shifts that have restructured employment and labor markets.