Catalogue 2019 - 2020

LAW 952 Indep Study: Adv Research



Course Description

In this form of independent study a student undertakes substantial and innovative study and research culminating in the writing of an original, high-quality research paper. The student work shall be overseen by a panel of at least two faculty members and shall culminate in the student making an oral defense of the research paper before the faculty panel. The subject matter of the paper shall be mutually agreed upon by the student and faculty supervisors. Periodic meetings shall be held with the student and the faculty supervisors to discuss the substantive area of the law the student is writing about and to review progress on the paper. All of the faculty members involved shall participate in the grading process. Before the student begins work, the faculty members shall decide the grading policy for the Independent Study: Advanced Research and that policy shall be communicated to the student. The faculty members must choose either a numerical (55-99) or a pass/fail grading system and must settle upon a method under which each faculty member involved has a voice in determining the final grade. Requirements: A student who has successfully completed 43 credits of law studies may take Advanced Research with the approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. An Advanced Research Form must be completed and signed by the faculty instructors and approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs before registration in Advanced Research. Each Advanced Research, including its scope, coverage, credit hours (from 1 to 3 credits), course guidelines, and method of grading must be approved by the faculty instructors and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs after full disclosure by the student of the content and scope of all prior independent studies (LAW 951 and LAW 952) undertaken by the student. A student may take up to 3 independent study courses at the Law School (including both LAW 951 and LAW 952). No more than 2 of the 3 may be taken in any one semester, and no more than 1 of the 3 may be taken under the sole instruction of any one faculty member.