Catalogue 2019 - 2020

LAW 633 Internet Law



Course Description

This course will examine how the law is responding to the various challenges posed by the internet. It will look at the application of various sources of law to the internet, including the United Stated Constitution, state and federal statutes, and common law principles, as well as a variety of proposals for new or revised laws to regulate this means of both communication and commerce. The course will examine the differing legal treatment of various participants in the online world including internet service providers vs. creators of online content. Topics to be discussed include sovereignty and jurisdiction over cyberspace, censorship of internet content, online defamation and other forms of tortuous conduct, the regulation of intermediaries such as internet service providers, and the legal status of domain names. The course does not require any technical expertise, but instead will focus on the way in which the legal system responds to the creation of new technology either by reasoning by analogy and applying existing legal principles or by creating new legal categories and regulatory techniques.