Catalogue 2019 - 2020

LAW 626 Gender & Criminal Law



Course Description

In Spring 2013, Professor Shay will be offering the Gender & Criminal Law course in an Inside-Out format. Inside-Out is a national program based at Temple University that trains professors nationwide to offer courses in which half of the participants come from their home academic institution and half are residents or inmates of correctional facilities. The goal is to produce a transformative educational experience for both sets of participants; to engage in meaningful dialogue about criminal justice and social issues; and to break down barriers and stereotypes. You can read more about Inside-Out at This spring WNE's Inside-Out class will be held in conjunction with the Western Massachusetts Correctional Alcohol Center a minimum security residential treatment facility located on Howard St. in Springfield, MA Your classmates will include men and women who are completing their sentences at Howard St. working on their recovery and return to the community. The course will cover law reform movements in the areas of rape and domestic violence, as well as gender issues in sentencing, corrections, and reentry. Most of our classes will be held on Friday mornings at the Howard St. facility, although some might be at WNE. This course will be especially valuable for those who hope to work in the criminal justice system, as prosecutors, defense attorneys, lawyers for correction agencies, civil rights attorneys, or legal services lawyers. However, other students will also benefit from the unique educational experience. Enrollment will be limited. Applicants will need to undergo a background and criminal records check, and to submit a 250 word statement of interest to Professor Shay. You must submit the 250 word statement of interest to Professor Shay and be selected for the program before you can register with the Registrar's Office. Participants will also need to commit to adhering scrupulously to the rules of the program, which Professor Shay will outline during the initial class sessions. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Professor Shay at