Catalogue 2019 - 2020

LAW 612 Military Conflict, Civ Soc & Law



Course Description

This course conducts a critical analysis of how military justice impacts the core values of a democratic society both during periods of relative peace as well as periods of domestic and international conflict. While there is a focus on current US structures, comparisons with other systems including China, East Timor, Latin America and Russia are included. There will be a review of the history of military law as well as the structure and roles within court-martial proceedings. The validity of limitations on service members constitutional rights including freedom of speech, religion and association will be explored. The course will include study of military justice in operational settings to include the interaction of domestic law with the law of armed conflict as well as the implementation of military commissions. The course is in no way limited to students interested in military law careers, but rather presented under the premise that the more lawyers, judges, legislators, public officials and citizens who educate themselves on this important aspect of domestic and international law, the better.