Catalogue 2019 - 2020

LAW 600 Public Speaking for Lawyers



Course Description

Communicating with others, both lawyers and non-lawyers, is a critical skill for attorneys. Lawyers are called upon to make presentations in a variety of settings. In addition to court appearances and presentations to clients, partners, trustees, boards of directors, and professional associations, you will be called upon to make presentations before local and state government entities, city councils and town meetings, and before government agencies and legislative committees. Further, attorneys routinely speak at conferences and address organizations making informative, persuasive and commemorative speeches, introducing speakers, and presenting awards. As attorneys, you are not only expected to be knowledgeable, articulate and versed in protocol but you must always remember that you are first and foremost bound by the Canons of Professional Ethics. Your career and reputation in the community and the profession depends upon your integrity, your credibility, and your ability to speak well. This simulation course is designed to enhance your confidence in your ability to speak publicly by teaching you the fundamentals of making different types of presentations. Students will learn and demonstrate effective preparation and delivery of various presentations typical in the legal profession. The course may also include short writing assignments.