Catalogue 2019 - 2020

LAW 515 Skills Lab

Course Description

This Skills Lab is designed to provide first-year students with an introduction to the practical skills that are an important part of the lawyer's role. The course will help students appreciate the relationship between the course content of the doctrinal courses they are studying and the practice of law. The course begins with a simulation exercise in which students represent a client. Students will need to evaluate the client's interests. The Skills Lab will also include other lawyering skills such as translating the elements of a tort into a complaint filed to commence a lawsuit, resolving a legal dispute through settlement negotiations, constructing a discovery plan, drafting a contract, and arguing a motion. Students will also be introduced to the ethical rules that govern the practice of law. This course will meet once a week throughout the year. It will be taught by various faculty members. It is a not-for-credit element of the first year curriculum that will contribute to assuring that students become ready for the practice of law while in law school.