Catalogue 2018 - 2019

SO 322 Contemporary Theory


3 cr.


SO 101 and any 200-level SO course, and junior standing, or chair's permission.

Course Description

This course is designed to familiarize students with contemporary theoretical traditions in Sociology. Building on the foundational work of the classical theorists –Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Simmel, and Du Bois – we will explore how Sociological theory grapples with late modernity. As Western societies moved toward an increasingly urban post-industrial social landscape, questions about identity, community, and the structure of society became the concerns of a new generation of theorists. A survey of the major perspectives in contemporary sociological theory will include relatively established fields like structural functionalism, critical theory, symbolic interaction along with more recent developments such as intersectional feminism, postmodernism, and queer theory.


Formerly "Social Theory"