Catalogue 2018 - 2019

ME 425 Design of Machine Elements


3 cr.


ME 208 and ME 309, or BME 240 and BME 351.

Course Description

This senior level course is designed to introduce students to the methodologies involved in the analysis and design of simple machine parts. The impacts of social, economic, and material constraints on the design process are also considered. Students use failure theories to determine the state of stress in members made of ductile or brittle materials subjected to either steady, alternating, or combined steady and alternating stresses; construct fatigue diagrams and fatigue failure curves; and use Miner's Equation to analyze the state of stress in materials subjected to various loading cycles. Topics include the design of circular and noncircular shafts subjected to steady and fluctuating loads, the determination of the characteristics of clutches and brakes to satisfy operating conditions; the specification of springs subjected to either steady or fluctuating loads to satisfy design specifications; and the specification of threaded fasteners. A project involving the design of machine elements is required. The method of assessing students includes homework assignments, quizzes, examinations, and projects.