Catalogue 2018 - 2019

ME 417 Heat Transfer


3 cr.


ME 303 and ME 316.

Course Description

This senior level course is offered to both Mechanical Engineering majors and nonmajors and is designed to convey the basic principles of heat transfer by incorporating a broad range of engineering applications. Students will use conduction, convection, and radiation equations to determine heat transfer rates over and through plane, cylindrical, and spherical surfaces; determine the optimum thickness of insulation; analyze the effect of heat generation on temperature distribution and heat rate; determine the performance of extended surfaces; calculate the temperature distribution and evaluate the heat rate for two-dimensional steady-state conduction; determine the temperature and heat transfer rate for one-dimensional and multidimen­sional transient conduction; determine the heat transfer rate over a cylinder, sphere, noncircular cylinders, and on a tube bank in the cross-flow of a gas; and perform engineering calculations that involve energy balance and appropriate convection correlations for internal flows and radiation exchange between surfaces. A team project involving a heat transfer experiment and design of cooling fins for a leaded cylindrical wall is required. The methods of assessing students include homework assignments, quizzes, examinations, projects, and a final exam.