Catalogue 2018 - 2019

ME 314 Mechanical Laboratory II


2 cr.


ME 303; ME 313; ME 316 or concurrently; or permission of the ME Lab Coordinator.

Course Description

This course, the second in a three-course sequence, builds on the skills developed in ME 313. Experimental methodology and communication of experimental results are also stressed throughout this course. A student works in a team to perform laboratory experiments in material science, mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics, alternative energy, data acquisition, SPC and manufacturing. A written report or technical memorandum is submitted either by each student or by the group. Additionally, each student works on an interdisciplinary team design project under the supervision of faculty project advisors. Periodic written progress reports and a final written report are submitted. A final oral report is presented before an assembly of faculty and students. The assessment is based upon the quality of both the writing and engineering content of the written reports.