Catalogue 2018 - 2019

ME 304 Thermodynamics II


3 cr.


ME 303.

Course Description

This intermediate course is offered to Mechanical Engineering majors and nonmajors and is designed to teach thermodynamic analysis of various power and refrigeration cycles. The first and second law analyses of the Carnot, Rankine, Otto, Diesel, Brayton, Sterling, and Ericsson cycles will be studied. Reheating and regeneration concepts will be discussed and applied to the Rankine cycle. Maxwell relations are used to establish relationships among thermodynamic properties. Students learn how to analyze nonreactive ideal gases such as the air-water vapor mixture. Each student is expected to work on an independent design project dealing with power or refrigeration systems and submit a final written report. The method of assessing students includes homework assignments, quizzes, exams, computer projects, and a design project.