Catalogue 2018 - 2019

ME 208 Mechanics of Materials


3 cr.


ME 202/HONE 202. Co-req or prereq: MATH 235


MATH 235.

Course Description

This introductory course is offered to both Mechanical Engineering majors and nonmajors and is designed to increase the students' awareness of the static behavior of deformable bodies and to provide them with the necessary background to take advanced courses in solid mechanics. Students will determine pertinent mechanical properties of materials from stress-strain diagrams; analyze statically indeterminate members; analyze the effect of temperature change in members; determine the state of stress and strain at a point resulting from uniaxial, biaxial, and triaxial loading; determine stresses and displacements in axially, flexurally, and torsionally loaded members; determine the stresses in thin-walled pressure vessels; determine the principal stresses, the maximum in-plane shear stresses, and the absolute maximum shear stress in members subjected to combined loadings; and determine the critical stress in ideal columns subjected to various types of supports. An individual written report analyzing an aspect of mechanics of materials and a group project involving design, building, and testing are required. The methods of assessing students include homework assignments, quizzes, examinations, projects, and a final exam.