Catalogue 2018 - 2019

ME 205 Measurement Computing


2 cr.


ENGR 105/HONE 105 and PHYS 134.

Course Description

This introductory and hands-on experience course is offered to all students who have some knowledge or experience in programming. Concept of event driven programming is introduced during class lectures while its applications to data collection and analysis are demonstrated during laboratory sessions. Students will learn how to use Object Oriented programming capabilities of Microsoft Visual BASIC to develop true 32-bit applications for data acquisition and control, which can run under Microsoft Windows 32-bit platforms. Practical application exercises related to data acquisition and control, database management, and analysis will be selected from the fields of engineering. There will be one 75-minute laboratory exercise every week where students will practice designing user interfaces, debugging codes, and running programs and interfacing transducers to PC. Computer projects will be assigned. The method of assessing student learning will include computer assignments, performance during laboratory sessions, and quizzes. One class hour and 1.5 laboratory hours.