Catalogue 2018 - 2019

ME 202 Statics


3 cr.


MATH 134, PHYS 132 or PHYS 133.

Course Description

This course is designed both to teach problem-solving techniques and to provide students with the necessary background to take succeeding courses in solid mechanics. Students will become familiar with the analysis of two- and three-dimensional force systems using both scalar and vector techniques. These systems include frames, machines, trusses, and simple structures. Additionally, students will have the ability to draw free body diagrams and apply the principles of static equilibrium to both particles and rigid bodies and to analyze problems involving friction. Students will determine the centroids of lines, areas and volumes and the moments of inertia of areas and masses using calculus and composite section methods. A project of a typical statics problem is required. The methods of assessing students include homework assignments, quizzes, examinations, projects, and a final exam.

Cross Listed Courses

HONE 202