Catalogue 2018 - 2019

HONE 205 Circuits I - Electrical Engineering


4 cr


Acceptance to College of Engineering Honors Program and pre- or co-requisite MATH 236 and PHYS 134

Course Description

Students will learn about the static and dynamic behavior of resistors, capacitors, and inductors, the type of electrical energy sources used, the rules used to analyze electrical circuits, to analyze DC and AC circuits for power flow and response characteristics, how to analyze and design op amp circuits used in instrumentation applications, and how to analyze and test Combinational Logic Circuits as applicable to simple industrial and domestic control settings.

As the honors equivalent of EE 205 the type of work required, pace of study and opportunities for broader considerations of course themes distinguish this course.

Three class hours, three lab/tutorial hours.


Cannot take HONE 205 and EE 205 for credit.

Cross Listed Courses

EE 205