Catalogue 2018 - 2019

HONE 110 Data Acquisition and Processing


3 cr


Acceptance to College of Engineering Honors Program

Course Description

This is a follow-on course to ENGR103, Introduction to Engineering , to further develop basic skills in engineering and start developing skills in entrepreneurship.

As the honors equivalent of ENGR 110 the type of work required, pace of study, and opportunities for broader considerations of core course themes distinguish this course. In this course you learn about computer-aided data acquisition and processing, as well as, applying what you have learned to date in a product innovation competition. Through a series of laboratory experiences, students will learn the principles necessary to design, implement, and analyze computer-controlled experiments as well as continuing to develop their design skills (both necessary for product design). Industry standard LabVIEW and Arduino are the learning platforms. The methods of assessing student learning in the course are homework assignments, weekly quizzes, laboratory experiments and exams.  


Cannot take HONE 110 and ENGR 110 for credit.

Cross Listed Courses

ENGR 110