Catalogue 2018 - 2019

ENGR 110 Data Acquisition and Processing


3 cr.


ENGR 103

Course Description

This is an introductory course in computer - aided data acquisition and processing. Through a series of studio experiences, students will learn the principles necessary to design, implement, and analyze computer- controlled experiments. Industry standard LabVIEW along with programmable hardware will be the learning platform for this course. Additionally, students will be introduced to the concepts of product innovation and development as well as associated elements of entrepreneurship. Competency in the knowledge gained will be demonstrated by developing and demonstrating a fully functional ‘smart product’. The methods of assessing student learning in the course will be homework assignments, weekly quizzes, laboratory experiments, exams, and a final project.


This course is a prerequisite.

Fall'14 changed to 3 crs.

Cross Listed Courses

HONE 110