Catalogue 2018 - 2019

ENGL 352 Poetry Workshop


3 cr.


Junior standing and "C" or better in ENGL 133, or permission of English chair

Course Description

This course is an upper level poetry workshop, concentrating on methods of creating and revising original poems to publishable quality. The objective is to encourage imagination; to learn what has already been tried and to play with new approaches, sources of inspiration, twists, and spins rather than repeating old ways; to understand and use different techniques of writing imaginatively in your own work and in analyzing creative work by others. The goal is to enlarge a critical vocabulary as well as an everyday one; to gain an ability to use poetic devices and poetic forms and to determine where, why, and how they are most useful. The workshop also seeks to increase knowledge of the historic development of poetry in the English and American traditions and to add to that tradition in your writing.


This course satisfies one of the Writing Intensive Course requirements for Arts and Sciences students. 

This course can be repeated for credit with Chair's permission.