Catalogue 2018 - 2019

CUL 243 Irish Culture


3 cr.


Sophomore standing.

Course Description

"Each community defines itself as much by what it is as by what it is not, and what it is not, is, above all else, the other."-Michael McDonald, Children of Wrath: Political Violence in Northern Ireland. The dilemma in studying Irish culture is that not just one culture exists; colonization has led to the creation of multiple cultures and identities in Ireland. The two dominant cultures in Ireland are at odds over every aspect of a perceived "national identity." What is "Irish"? Who defines a culture? If no consensus exists, how does a culture survive? Mythology, literature, music, and political symbolism are the main tools utilized by all in Ireland who attempt to create or define their culture. In this course we will explore the creation of cultures and identities in Ireland by examining Irish history, literature, music, and symbolism. We will also look at the very different perception of Irish culture created in the United States.


Satisfies Elements of Culture requirement "C".