Catalogue 2018 - 2019

CPE 427 Computer Engineering Laboratory


2 cr.


EE 323 and CPE 360.


CPE 420.

Course Description

A laboratory emphasizing the integration of advanced techniques in the design and implementation of an embedded microcontroller. Topics include embedded systems design and development using a flash based, industry standard microcontroller, interfacing serial and parallel I/O, Analog to Digital conversion (ADC), Timers as well as interrupt structures. The course provides students the opportunity to design a control and data acquisition system for the alternative fuel car interdisciplinary project. Students design, construct and test a microprocessor based real-time system. The embedded computer is used to control and acquire performance data from the alternative fuel vehicle. Sensors are interfaced to the ADC and data is later up-loaded to a workstation for analysis. Students learn about the challenges of system’s integration by participating in a vehicle race with team members from electrical and computer engineering.


One class hour, one three-hour lab.