Catalogue 2018 - 2019

CPE 360 Microprocessors II


4 cr.


CPE 310.

Course Description

This is a course in the theory and design of modern microprocessor systems. It is a continuation of Microprocessors 1 and builds on concepts learned in that course. Students increase their awareness of the basic principles of system design, including hardware, software and systems integration. They design, fabricate, and test a complete working ATMEGA based system. Students design memory mapped systems which include non-volatile (FLASH etc.) and volatile (RAM) memory. They also study bus timing and loading considerations. In addition, students also design I/O subsystems, supporting both parallel and serial devices. A semester long design project is employed to provide the students with a hands-on experience. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have learned about more detailed microprocessor architecture concepts, bus interfacing and clocking, memory system design, how to interface peripheral chips and devices to the bus, to use different serial and parallel I/O interfaces, to build I/O ports and the concept of a total system design. The method of assessing student learning in the course includes quizzes, exams, lab reports, and lab demonstrations.

Three class hours, three lab hours.


Formerly "Microprocessor Systems and Design"