Catalogue 2018 - 2019

Strategic Initiatives

The Center for Strategic and Academic Initiatives’ primary goal is international recruitment of students and development of undergraduate and graduate degree programs (traditional, professional, online, alternative/intensive scheduling, on-site, off site, graduate full- and part-time interdisciplinary, “boutique” in nature, in-house or outsourced, etc) as well as non­credit/certificate programs. The Center will serve as an incubator to implement credit and non­credit programs and degrees that the University determines should be launched to take advantage promptly of opportunities that are sought out or that present themselves and that permit the University to reach new audiences. In addition, the Center and the Office of Professional Development Programs is responsible for the development of new continuing education and non­credit opportunities to meet employer, employee, professional, and personal development needs within our region. This initiative may include the development and implementation of new graduate programs, and the development of other entrepreneurial opportunities.