Catalogue 2018 - 2019

Physical Education, Health, and Recreation

All entering freshmen are required to complete two credit hours of physical education, health, and recreation (PEHR) for graduation unless the dean of the college in which they are enrolled has granted a specific written exemption. Exemptions to this requirement may be based on the following circumstances. Students should consult the Director of Physical Education for further information.

  • Transfer credit in excess of 30 hours exempts both PEHR 151 and PEHR xxx.
  • If transfer credits are in the range of 15-30 hours, only PEHR xxx activity exemption can be applied. Physical incapacity, prior active military service, or unique life circumstance that would prevent or restrict full participation may also exempt PEHR.
  • AP, CLEP, IB or high school to college credits cannot be used in the calculation of the exemption.
  • Non-traditional/adult learners are exempt from the requirement and the equivalent credits.

No more than two 100-level PEHR courses can be taken for academic credit or can be included in the calculation of a student’s overall GPA.

The PEHR requirement is satisfied by successfully completing PEHR 151 (Personal Health and Wellness) and one course from PEHR 153-199 (Lifetime Activity Series). The purpose of the requirement is to provide students with an understanding of current health issues and preventative health measures so that they have the tools necessary for continuing a healthy lifestyle. Students are expected to learn how to monitor their diets and to gain a practical understanding of the relationship between diet, exercise, and weight control. The activity series supplements the classroom work in “Personal Health and Wellness.” Students enroll in one of several activities such as walking and jogging, aerobic dance, racket sports, golf, martial arts, personal fitness, strength and endurance training, women’s defense training, and, mandatory for those students pursuing certification in elementary education, “Games Children Play.”