Catalogue 2018 - 2019

Undergraduate Student Registration for Graduate-Level Business Courses

Several regulations, listed below, apply to undergraduate students wishing to register for graduate courses in business. These regulations apply to students who have not been accepted into the five-year BSBA/MBA, BSBA/MS in Accounting, or BSBA/MS in Organizational Leadership.

  • A senior with a minimum cumulative average of 3.0 may elect to take two 600 level courses. The graduate courses may be taken for graduate credit providing they do not exceed the normal load of five courses.
  • The graduate course cannot be counted toward the undergraduate degree or in the undergraduate cumulative average.
  • The student is not considered a matriculated graduate student until officially accepted by the graduate school.
  • Upon acceptance into the graduate program, the student may request transfer of these graduate courses.
  • Undergraduates registering for graduate courses are responsible for submitting all proper forms, which are available from the dean’s office in the appropriate college.