Catalogue 2018 - 2019

EE 677 Advanced Continuous and Discrete Systems Analysis and Controls


3 cr.


Graduate Engineering Standing.

Course Description

In modern control theory, the dynamics of the processes are described by a series of first-order differential equations in matrix form as compared to the transfer functions in classical control theory (frequency domain approach to analysis and design). State-space concepts (modern control theory) have made an enormous impact on the analysis and design of controllers for complex multi-input/multi-output systems.  In recent years, modern control theory has advanced rapidly and is now recognized as an indispensable and practical technique for the design and analysis of feedback control problems. In this course students learn continuous and discrete modern state space analysis and design techniques as applied to a variety of mechatronic systems. This course introduces students to: modeling; eigenvalues and eigenvectors; controllability and observability; design of controllers using state and output feedback; and observer design. This course will be offered as an on line / optional in class course. The course will count towards one of the required EE courses for the Mechatronics concentration.