Catalogue 2018 - 2019

EE 530 Nanoelectronics


3 cr.


EE 312 and EE 320

Course Description

This course is a sequence in the study of microelectronic circuits by introducing students to the electrical properties of nanoscale CMOS transistors including both planar and FinFet MOSFETs as well as introduce students to the physical design of such technologies. The goals of this course are to provide the student with (1) a working knowledge of short channel effects in nanoscale transistors; (2) an understanding of the non-linear models used to capture quantum effects in transistors; (3) a perspective in electronic design automation (EDA) principles for the physical design of complex integrated circuits consisting of billions of nanoscale transistors; (4) an exposure to semiconductor foundry process design kits (PDKs) that aid and govern circuit designers in creating physical integrated circuit designs. Throughout the semester, the course will utilize the state of the art electronic design automation software Cadence to aid in learning and understanding of key concepts. The primary methods of assessing student learning are homework assignments, quizzes, exams and design projects.


Formerly "VLSI Design"

Cross Listed Courses

EE 430