Catalogue 2017 - 2018

Educational Opportunities

The University provides students with an impressive range of educational options. Each program is unique in its integration of liberal arts and professional education, theory, and practice. Some programs prepare students for successful careers in business, industry, and for continued study in graduate school. In others, students receive hands-on, experiential learning through internships, work with faculty on their own research, and interact with organizations in the community. There is an emphasis on the integration of technology in all programs, and students are provided with an increased international perspective to prepare for work in today’s global economy.

The faculty and staff are dedicated to personal interaction with students and to fostering an open environment conducive to personal growth. In addition to a wide range of academic programs, Western New England University also provides academic and other support services for students needing assistance in their studies and for those with disabilities.

The University provides opportunities for semester long and short seminar study abroad opportunities in England, China, France, Italy, South Africa, and many other countries. Furthermore, the University is located in an urban community with rich educational and cultural resources, and it participates in the Cooperating Colleges of Greater Springfield (CCGS), a consortium of colleges in which educational opportunities are enhanced through the sharing of resources.