Catalogue 2017 - 2018

ILP 380 Investigative Reporting


3 cr.


Junior or senior standing.

Course Description

This course allows all students to gain knowledge of criminal investigation, criminal procedure, and criminal law while conducting research and writing of investigative reports. An investigative reporter needs to have an open mind while spending considerable time researching and preparing a report in order to arrive at the truth. Reporters need a clear and concise knowledge of the criminal justice system before beginning their research. Students will be responsible for weekly readings in criminal investigation, trials, and appellant hearings on death row inmates. Each student will write weekly investigative reports in a specific area of the criminal justice system. Students will pair up to write and present in class a final investigative report on death row inmates to determine whether or not such inmates are guilty or raise concern of a wrongful conviction. This course serves a dual purpose in preparing students in the criminal and investigative way of reporting as well as the opportunity to view and report the facts of a case in an open-minded procedure by establishing the truth of the matter. This course emphases the integration of behavior science (criminal justice and political science) and communicating (communications) to the public in written form of the issue at hand.