Catalogue 2017 - 2018

ENGL 133 English Composition II


3 cr.


A "C" in ENGL 131, ENGL 132, or ENGL 140-level, or the equivalent.

Course Description

This course explores the many ways in which human experience is shaped by language and culture. Focused on a semester-long theme, English 133 emphasizes both close reading and expository writing as students hone critical thinking skills. This course stresses the analytic reading of literary texts in a cultural context and the writing of accurate, effective, and persuasive prose using evidence from primary and secondary sources. English 133 courses consider literature and other cultural texts from underrepresented populations and/or discuss a wide range of cultural issues including those of racial and ethnic diversity and gender politics.


This course is a prerequisite.

Formerly "English Composition II: Introduction to Literature"




Laboratory fees $50.