Catalogue 2017 - 2018

OTD 780 Doctoral Residency 4: Implementation/Capstone


10 crs.


OTD 662


OTD 785

Course Description

This is the fourth and final course in the Doctoral Residency sequence, also called the Doctoral Experiential Component. It represents advanced professional skills. It is a 16-week/640-hour experience that focuses on the implementation of the evidence-based, community-based, interprofessional doctoral project/study on-site at the community agency/facility. During the course, students will complete any necessary re-writes on chapter 4 of the project and write chapter 5 (Discussion, Implications, Limitations, Conclusions). In addition, students will present their findings to participants, peers, and faculty. Working with the faculty and site mentors, the student will prepare the finished report for professional publication/dissemination.

This course is taken concurrently with OTD 785, Doctoral Residency 4: Mentorship.