Catalogue 2017 - 2018

OTD 660 Leadership in a Global Health Marketplace


2 crs.


Spring 2

Course Description

This course focuses on the leadership and management skills for the delivery of occupational therapy services at local, state, national, and global levels as part of a collaborative interprofessional healthcare team. Students will be introduced to a range of public and national health issues that have been created locally and abroad by current and ongoing developments in global health. This includes new and emerging conditions/disease and the impact on health/wellness and participation in occupation/life roles (i.e. leisure and social participation, parenting, etc.). The goal of this course is to enable students to understand the leadership role occupational therapists can take as part of an interprofessional team in the changing global healthcare environment; as well as the leadership role occupational therapy can take in facilitating change in US healthcare policy. As a class, students will implement a service project to support an agency/organization providing global healthcare services.