Catalogue 2017 - 2018

OTD 536 Population Health & Interprofessional Practice 2


2 crs.


OTD 526

Course Description

Gold standard national frameworks for population health will be articulated and the principles guiding the practice of population health will be discussed. Programs that are currently in place are highlighted in terms of the specific health needs that are addressed, the tools in place to guide the process, and the measures being used to evaluate progress. Students are required to critically assess the role of occupational therapy in primary care medicine as a vital link to the profession’s involvement in population health. Specifically, students will identify specific population health needs and delineate assessment tools, programs, activities and outcomes measures that highlight how occupational therapy can address those health needs.

This course will focus on the area of population health as it relates to developmental, physical, and psychosocial issues in children, youth, and adolescent populations as the basis for fostering a transformation within the health care continuum, i.e. acute care practice in hospitals and post-acute care in in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation centers and skilled nursing facilities. Populations that will be studied include children with congenital and chronic disabilities; acute care conditions; terminal diagnoses; and other medically based conditions. Interprofessionalism is advanced as the catalyst for change. Students review the literature on interprofessionalism, develop tools for guiding the formation of interprofessional teams, identify measures to conduct needs assessments, design program initiatives and recommend methods for achieving optimum IPP outcomes within existing settings.