Catalogue 2017 - 2018

OTD 534 Research Process/Evidence-Based Practice 1


2 crs.


Spring 1

Course Description

This course will explore the principles of human subject research, the necessity for research in knowledge development, and the philosophy of research as science. The role of theory in shaping research questions and methodologies is discussed, and the steps involved in the research process are articulated. Understanding the varied types of evidence that can be generated is discussed in light of selecting appropriate assessment tools, designing effective intervention plans, and evaluating whether meaningful therapeutic outcomes have been reached. Students will learn to transform clinical problems, departmental issues, legislative concerns or advocacy opportunities, into researchable questions. The primary focus of the course is shaping OT students as interprofessional team members by searching for and using quantitative research evidence from multiple health professions to serve as the basis for the establishment and fulfillment of collaborative client-centered goals. This course will require students to search the literature, including databases for relevant meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and randomized control trials to better understand the different roles that are played by members of an interprofessional healthcare team. Learning outcomes include an understanding of Item Response Theory methodologies to select assessment tools that provide an in depth understanding of a client’s status that results in client-specific intervention planning, goal setting, and outcome measurement.