Catalogue 2017 - 2018

OTD 530 Children & Youth Practice 1


4 crs.


OTD 522 and OTD 524

Course Description

This course is focused on evaluation and intervention appropriate for primary care medicine, acute care medicine (e.g. NICU), and long-term practice for children and youth with medical diagnoses/conditions and chronic disabilities. Theories and models of practice appropriate to diagnosis and practice setting guides the selection and safe use of evidence-based assessment tools, intervention methodology and assistive technology, and the choice of social or community supports needed to facilitate client occupational needs and reduce social and institutional barriers to performance and participation. The course also stresses ethical practice related to intervention planning/implementation, documentation of services, and discharge practices appropriate to setting and client’s needs. Content relevant to legislative, legal, political, economic, and management/billing considerations for these service delivery areas is also covered.