Catalogue 2016 - 2017

Crime and Society Concentration

General Information

The Crime and Society concentration focuses on the behavior that violates the criminal law and seeks explanations for that behavior from the sociological perspective. Sociologists learn to see social patterns in individual behavior and to apply scientific reasoning to all aspects of social life. Students learn how certain behavior has come to be defined as criminal. Research and writing skills are emphasized, and students have an opportunity to conduct their own research and to engage in internship opportunities.

Career Opportunities

The crime and society concentration provides an excellent background for all careers in the criminal justice field, including policing, courts, and corrections. Additional career opportunities include the social services such as juvenile delinquency prevention, abuse and neglect investigation, and juvenile corrections.

Program Objectives

  1. Demonstrate an ability to conduct research on a social issue in a way that lends itself to practical application in a number of fields, including business, criminal justice, government, and in social services.
  2. Ability to identify, define, and discuss the social significance of key sociological variables and apply them to real-world issues.
  3. Ability to identify and define social patterns and their effect (or impact) on social institutions and organizations.
  4. Demonstrate an ability to apply social analysis in discussion of crime.
  5. Successfully apply social theory and crime causation within completion of an internship in preparation for a meaningful career.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses (34 Credits)

SO 101Introduction to Sociology

3 cr.

SO 201Social Problems

3 cr.

CJ 210/SO 210Criminology

3 cr.

SO 214Drugs, Society, and The Criminal Justice System

3 cr.

SO 235/CJ 235Domestic Violence

3 cr.

SO 306/CJ 306Disability and Mental Health Issues in Criminal Justice

3 cr.

SO 307/CJ 307Qualitative Research Methods

4 cr.

SO 309Deviance

3 cr.

SO 322Social Theory

3 cr.

SO 342/CJ 342Juvenile Delinquency

3 cr.

SO 3XX/4XXSociology Elective

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:34

Total Credit Hours: 34