Catalogue 2016 - 2017

PHYS 154 Oceans




PHYS 101, PHYS 103, PHYS 123, PHYS 133, CHEM 101, CHEM 105, BIO 101, METR 101, or GEOL 101.

Course Description

The goal of this natural science perspective course is to provide students with a focus for better understanding and appreciating the oceans as a key part of the overall Earth environment. Students will gain background knowledge useful for evaluating future societal issues including global climate changes and pollution. Scientific information from geology, chemistry, physics, and biology will be incorporated to illustrate how each of these disciplines relates to the ocean. Topics covered in this course will include plate tectonics and the ocean floor, chemical properties of seawater, ocean circulation, waves and water dynamics, tides, ocean ecosystems, and marine life. (NSP)