Catalogue 2016 - 2017

ME 440 Senior Design Projects


3 cr.


ME 439 and graduating senior status.

Course Description

This is a capstone design course that prepares students for entry-level positions. In this course, each student works on an independent engineering project under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Students apply the design process and communicate the results of their project work in both an oral and written form. Oral reports are presented before an assembly of faculty and students. Students apply engineering design principles either by working on a product, improving a product, or designing experiments to investigate causes of either an observed phenomenon or a problem in engineering. Students are required to demonstrate their achievements using appropriate laboratory exhibits. Students who select industry-sponsored projects have the opportunity of working with the industrial advisor in an actual engineering environment. The assessment in this course is based on the students' level of commitment demonstrated throughout the semester, the level of achievement attained in the project, the recording of activities in a log book, and the quality of the written report and oral presentation. Meeting hours by arrangement.