Catalogue 2016 - 2017

EE 448 Introduction to Electro-Optics


3 cr.


MATH 236; EE 314 or equivalent.

Course Description

Electro-optics is the study of the effects of electric fields on optical phenomena. A study of light and basic geometrical and physical optics theory prepares students for investigation of the electronic and optical properties of light sources and detectors including LEDs, lasers, display devices, photo detectors, detector arrays, and charge transfer devices. After an investigation of electro-optics system design and analysis techniques, students develop an understanding of such applications as optical signal processing, electro-optics sensors, optical communications, optical computing, holography, integrated optics, display technologies, and fiber-optics. A design paper is required. Upon completion of this course, the student should understand the design and analysis techniques used in modern electro-optics systems and apply these methods in electro-optics applications. The methods of assessing student learning in this course are homework assignments, quizzes, classroom discussions, design projects, and a final exam.