Catalogue 2016 - 2017

7. Academic Progress Monitoring

There are two key indicators that serve to foster or inhibit academic success: class attendance and completion of out-of-class assignments. Both indicators are monitored through the first year. Regardless of any class attendance policy, it is well documented that students who regularly attend all class meetings succeed; those who choose to skip class do not succeed. When excessive absence patterns are noted, students are typically advised of the potential impact on progress.

At completion of the sixth week of classes, and at the end of the eighth week grades are calculated based on assignments completed to date. In progress grades are distributed to first year students through the assigned advisor. Second year students access grades online. Instructors are also encouraged to both express congratulations to those who have met notable success and concern for those who may be struggling. Specific suggestions for improvement and/or reasons for congratulations are then shared with student advisors.

At the end of each semester, student academic performance is formally reviewed to ensure reasonable progress. If students are below minimum standards, a formally structured academic success contract is required. Through the Academic Support Center, academic progress monitoring is put in place through a series of meetings during which continuous assessment of progress is made.