Catalogue 2016 - 2017

Mission Statement

The Office of First Year Students & Students in Transition pays particular attention to creating a network of support persons whose intention involves proactive interaction with students in transition. Whether entering college as a first year or transfer student or moving on to the second year of study at the University, the Office of First Year Students & Students in Transition seeks to support students in laying the foundation for success as well as in further defining a sense of purpose and direction in order to maximize the university experience. As an agent of change, the Office of First Year Students & Students in Transition functions in a culture of collaboration with each of the undergraduate schools and academic departments, student affairs staff, faculty, student leadership, and alumni. It espouses a student centered approach to program delivery. Students are always to be treated as the reason for any initiative.

Through intentional construction of a personal support network and sponsorship of educationally purposeful initiatives, the Office of First Year Students and Students in Transition prompts students to embrace intellectual change, acquire a sense of place, engage social connections, and develop educational purpose. As students move into the second year, support exists to encourage students to define a sense of purpose and direction, challenging students to recognize valued learning in and out of the classroom, discarding any notion of mediocrity in performance, so that full academic and personal potential can be obtained.

The Office of First Year Students & Students in Transition values individuality and diversity. It acknowledges that students enter college at varying developmental stages and with unique needs. We are committed to fostering highly personal and innovative delivery system in order to prompt students to identify a vision of their future, acquire the confidence to pursue that vision, set realistic goals, maintain motivation, and build academic and personal resiliency. We seek to move students from dependent to interdependent relationships. We emphasize interaction with faculty early in the student experience and characterize peers as highly influential.