Catalogue 2016 - 2017

ME 619 Experimental and Analytical Stress Analysis


3 cr.


ME 208, MATH 350, ME 435, or equivalent.

Course Description

This advanced course builds on the material presented in Mechanics of Materials course and develops the students ability to apply the principles of advanced mechanics of materials to problem solving while applying common experimental techniques for solution verification. The analytic studies will allow students to determine shear centers of composite sections; determine stresses and deflections of curved beams and beams on elastic foundations; determine deflection and slope in beams using Castigliano's theorem; determine stresses in thick walled cylinders; and determine stresses in initially curved and eccentrically loaded columns. The experimental studies include the basic theory and installation techniques of electric resistance strain gauges, photoelastic coatings, and applications of load and deflection measuring techniques. Applications of these techniques in the verification of analytical solutions is emphasized throughout the course. A project involving the use of analytical and experimental verification methods is required. Methods of assessing students include homework assignments, laboratory reports, quizzes, a midterm, and a comprehensive final exam.