Catalogue 2016 - 2017

ED 563 Designing Curriculum through Data Collection and Inquiry


1 cr.

Course Description

In this course educators will begin transitioning from a more typical class experience towards a more teacher-inquiry driven learning community such as the Teacher Collaborative forum at The Teachers' Loft. At the beginning of the course hands-on experience will inform how data can and should inform teaching practice. A range and variety of data sources will be examined and utilized, including standardized best scores, norm-referenced test results, comparative assessment results, check-list information, rubric data, teacher documentation, and students work more broadly. This course will build on lesson planning by instructing students in content oriented teaching techniques to be used in curriculum development at the unit level. Each individual student will build confidence in interpreting data from a range of sources to improve student learning and come together around particular questions of practice that arise daily in schools. Contemporary Instructional and discussion tools (Blackboard, wikis, blogs, etc) will be taught in this course for students to achieve confidence to work online. Formal inquiry questions will be developed as the elements of inquiry are explored. Where needed, students will be assigned field placements in conjunction with this class.