Catalogue 2015 - 2016

Transfer Students’ Degree Requirements

Customarily, a student who has received an associate’s degree in an approved program from an accredited college and who is accepted for admission will be granted junior status. Although it is often possible for such a student to complete a program in a chosen field within two years at the University, the specific requirements of some majors may require a longer period of study. It is necessary for a transfer student to complete at least one year (30 credit hours) of study at Western New England University in order to be granted a degree. Students transferring to Western New England University may follow the requirements of their chosen major using the year when they become a student at Western New England University or the year when they first matriculated at their first college if less than four years prior to the transfer to Western New England University. This decision will be made by the student and approved by the chairperson of the major program.