Catalogue 2015 - 2016

Transfer Credit Evaluation

The number of transfer credits is based upon work completed at previous accredited institutions. The status of transfer students is not automatically determined by the number of credit hours already earned or by the nomenclature of courses taken. Rather, each transcript is evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Normally, credit is allowed for each course that is equivalent to a corresponding course at Western New England University provided the earned grade is C- or above. Within a few weeks of acceptance, the Undergraduate Admissions Office sends each transfer student a degree audit, which shows how each previous course applies to the student’s specific degree program at Western New England University. In certain English and Mathematics courses, application of transfer credit may be subject to completion of additional assessment.

Up to 70 credits are acceptable in transfer from two-year colleges, and up to 90 credits from four-year colleges and universities (including any applicable two-year college credits).

The College of Business requires that the majority of credits, contact hours, or other metric in traditional business subjects counted toward the degree fulfillment be earned at Western New England University.