Catalogue 2015 - 2016

Reinstatement Procedure (Reactivation)

Whenever continuous enrollment has been interrupted, students must initiate formal contact with the University in order to request reinstatement and/or reactivation. Observing the following steps will result in the most efficient review, and timely decision.

  • If previously suspended or on probation at the time of last enrollment, submit a written request to the Dean of First Year Students & Students in Transition, who will coordinate the necessary review by the appropriate Academic Dean.
  • If enrollment is discontinued in good standing, the student may simply submit a request for reactivation, directed to the Dean’s Office of the College in which the desired major is administered. Requests may also be directed as above.
  • Official transcripts of any academic work taken since leaving the University must be submitted prior to the beginning of classes in the semester in which the student wishes to register. Depending on the academic program intended and the nature of the academic standing at the time of last enrollment, the student may need to provide evidence of a 2.5 GPA for any coursework taken in the interim.
  • Upon re-enrollment or reinstatement, students are subject to all rules, regulations and academic requirements effective at the time of re-enrollment or reinstatement.
  • On-campus housing is not necessarily guaranteed.