Catalogue 2014 - 2015

ME 309 Materials Science


3 cr.


CHEM 105 and PHYS 134.

Course Description

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of material science and engineering. Students are provided with information concerning the interrelationship between the microstructure of a material, its properties, and its processing. The analysis of mechanical properties, the manufacturing process, the material specifications for a selected application or component, and the advantages and limitations of the selected material are presented. Major topics include: material selection, crystallographic structure, diffusion, solidification, phase diagrams, microstructure, and mechanical properties of different classes of materials. The course is presented in a series of classroom lectures, selected videos, case studies, and independent investigations. A project and a technical poster presentation are required. The methods of assessing students include quizzes, exams, homework assignments, and applications of principles to case studies.