Catalogue 2014 - 2015

ENTR 326 Venture Feasability


3 cr.


MK 200 and ENTR 251/MAN 251

Course Description

This course will examine the transformation of a business idea into a business venture. The course and text are organized around the process of creating a new venture from recognition of an opportunity to the launch of the business. Part I reviews the foundations of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial opportunity that are important to the understanding the decisions the entrepreneurs make, the environment in which they make these decisions, and the tasks they must understand before they launch a new company. Part II addresses the heart of entrepreneurial activity, i.e. the testing of a new business concept through feasibility analysis. Part III focuses on how the feasibility study fits into the business plan. Part IV examines the funding issues of launching the business and growing the business. The instructor will introduce a number of perspectives on various entrepreneurial concepts especially on the sources of new venture concepts, the concept of sea changes, and the nature of opportunities. Student teams will develop new ideas, test their commercial feasibility, and develop funding plans. Students will also be given the opportunity to represent Western New England in the annual Grinspoon Elevator Pitch competition in April.


Formerly MK 326